What is the difference between my Total Pending Cash and Available for Advance balances?

Your Total Pending Cash is the amount that you have earned and have not yet been paid by the company you work for.  Please note that this also includes payments that have been sent from Qwil but may still be on the way to your linked payment method.

Qwil will make some or all of these earnings available for you to take in advance of your company’s regular scheduled pay cycle. The Available to Advance amount is:

  • Net of any small cash out fee to Qwil 
  • Net of payments that are already on the way to your linked payment method (and therefore not available to take as cash advance)

The cash advance fee will always be displayed to you before you complete the transaction. 

As a reminder, you can always take no action and wait to receive your total earnings at the end of your company's pay cycle at no cost to you! 

You can also turn on Auto Advance and your earnings will automatically be sent to your linked payment source when approved by your company.

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