When will I receive my earnings?

Cash advance:
Take an optional cash advance for a small fee to receive your earnings early! Cash advances generally land within 1-3 business days after the cash advance is initiated depending on your bank and country. For large banks in the U.S. the deposit can land as soon as the next business day.

Regular pay schedule (no cash advance): If you do not take a cash advance, your earnings will be sent to your linked account as soon as the funds settle from your company. This all happens without any action on your part and at no cost to you. When earnings are approved for you by the company you work for, you will receive an email from Qwil estimating when we expect the funds to post to your account.

The two calendar views below show expected payment timing depending on whether your company is on a weekly or monthly pay cycle. The 3 day settlement period below highlights the time it takes for funds to settle from your company, after which we immediately release the payments to your linked account. Please note that Qwil cannot transmit funds on weekends and federal holidays. The "Payments Deposited" date may vary based on your bank and country (international deposits generally take 1-5 business days to land depending on the country).

Weekly Pay Cycle Example (January 2018): 

Monthly Pay Cycle Example (January 2018):

*Direct deposit via ACH takes 1-3 business days to transmit (for larger banks in the U.S. the payment will land the next business day). The exact deposit day may vary slightly based on your payment method and bank details. For international payments, there may be extra payment delivery time based on the country.

How do federal holidays in the U.S. impact my payments through Qwil?

There are 10 federal holidays in the U.S. during which banks are closed and payments from Qwil may not be transmitted.  2019 Federal Holidays include:

New Year's Day: January 1
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: January 21
George Washington's Birthday: February 18
Memorial Day: May 27
Independence Day: July 4
Labor Day: September 2
Columbus Day: October 14
Veterans Day: November 11
Thanksgiving Day: November 28
Christmas Day: December 25

*When a federal holiday falls on a Saturday, it is usually observed on the preceding Friday. When the holiday falls on a Sunday, it is usually observed on the following Monday.

I have not received my earnings after the expected time has passed, is something wrong?

Please note that weekends and federal holidays are not business days. To confirm receipt of a bank transfer, please make sure you check your bank account statement to see if the transfer has been processed and deposited into your bank. In some cases, your bank transfer may have posted earlier than our estimated date, so please be sure to check the surrounding dates as well. 

If you have still not received the deposit there may be an issue with your linked payment method. Please go to your Accounts tab in Qwil to confirm your payment details. Contact support@qwil.co and our team can check the status of your payments.

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