How long does the onboarding process take?

Our onboarding process is simple. Complete an onboarding questionnaire and provide the required documentation so that Qwil can run a Know Your Customer (KYC) check on your business. Once we validate the information, our partners team will reach out and typically can have your platform live within a couple of business days.

How do I signup for a Platform Admin account in order to use Qwil to pay my contractors?

To set up a Platform Admin account Qwil needs to collect information about the Platform Admin and have an authorized individual of the Platform Admin agree to Qwil’s Terms of Service.

To set up a new account please go to and provide the requested information. Once the form has been submitted and accepted the Qwil team will validate the information provided and respond with any follow up questions. We may ask for supporting materials, including financial statements, W9s, bank statements, government IDs, proof of address, etc. Once we've validated the Platform Admin’s information a member of the Qwil team will reach out via email to configure the account. 

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