How can I add my contractors individually to Qwil?

From the Contractors tab, a Platform Admin user can add new contractors individually by clicking +Add Contractor on the side of the dashboard.

The Platform Admin will be required to provide basic information about the contractor to proceed, including first name, last name and email address.

Upon entering information and clicking “Save Contractor,” the Contractor will receive an email inviting them to sign up for an account. The Contractor will then sign up for their account and will be asked for additional information as needed for Qwil’s compliance. 

How can I add my contractors in bulk via CSV to Qwil?

Contractors can also be added in bulk via CSV upload. To use the bulk upload feature, click +Import Contractors at the top of your dashboard and download our template. Fill in the required information, attach the completed CSV file and the contractors will be added to your platform. Please be sure to delete the first row of instructions in the template before uploading the completed file to Qwil. Once the file is accepted, the contractors for whom accounts were created will be invited via email to Qwil. Click the button below for additional information on the csv upload process.

How can I add my contractors through an API?

Qwil also supports direct API integrations for adding contractors. Please email if you would like to integrate to the Qwil APIs.

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