The Statements view provides a summary of all historical invoices from Pay Cycles that have closed, the date the amounts were invoiced by Qwil, the status of the payment and details of the invoice. 

When is a statement created?

At the end of the Platform’s pay cycle, Qwil creates a statement for all Earnings entered during the Pay Cycle plus any associated Qwil fee. The Due Date is when the company account will be debited for the statement total.

Once Qwil has debited these funds from the Platform and they have settled (typically 3 business days), Qwil will send any balances owed to Contractors in the form of a Rebate payment. Rebate payments are equal to the earnings added less any amounts advanced by Qwil (inclusive of cash advance fees).  

How do I view details of a specific statement?

Click on the statement to view a breakdown of all earnings billed for that cycle.

  • Amount reflects the total approved contractor payments for the pay cycle.
  • Contractor Payment Fee is a pre-set fee averaging at $1 per contractor paid per pay cycle in the U.S. and $5 per international contractor paid per pay cycle.
  • Total reflects the aggregate amount that is owed for a given pay cycle based on approved contractor payments plus the contractor payment fees. 

Click the button below for an explanation of your statement status (Paid, Pending or Not Paid).

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