1) After logging in to Qwil at app.qwil.co/login, click the “Connect Xero” button on the right of your Qwil Platform Admin dashboard.

2) You’ll be taken outside of Qwil and prompted to login to your Xero account and “Allow Access” to Qwil.

3) Select a ledger account for invoicing and contact group(s) to sync to Qwil. 

Please note that you can only select an account that is enabled for payments in Xero. If your account is not shown on the drop down list, please make sure the "Enable payments to this account" box is checked in your Xero Chart of Accounts.

4) Click "Save Changes" and your Qwil account and Xero accounts will be synced. This means that contractors and payment data that you add in Qwil will sync automatically back to Xero! 

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