Qwil files 1099s in the end of January on behalf of freelancers for companies who request this service. Below are some FAQs to further explain this process.

How will I receive my 1099 form?
The forms will be sent electronically to you in the beginning of February from Tax1099.com; Qwil does not mail paper copies.

How do I confirm my tax information in Qwil?
Prior to filing 1099s, Qwil verifies tax information in our system. If we need you to update your tax information, you will receive an automatic email from Qwil. This email will include simple instructions explaining how to verify your tax information. Simply login to Qwil if you receive the notification, and you will be prompted to reenter your tax information. Once you have verified your information, you are all set. If you do not receive the notification email, you do not need to take any action to verify your information.

Where can I view my tax information in Qwil?
For security reasons, we do not display your tax information in Qwil.  

As a platform administrator, will I receive a copy of my freelancers' 1099s forms?
We will provide copies to platform administrators who request this documentation. Freelancers will be able to access the forms online and can reach out to our support team directly with any questions.

Please contact support@qwil.co if you have any other questions regarding this process. 

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