After connecting Qwil to Xero, contractors and payments added in Qwil will sync directly back to Xero. Check out the articles below to learn how to add new contractors and earnings from your Platform Admin dashboard in Qwil!

On each tab of your Platform Admin dashboard in Qwil, you will see summary data for your platform and Xero integration. You can click "Sync Now" at any time to sync data instantly back to Xero.

Let's add a payment for a contractor and show how it syncs back to Xero!

  1. On your Earnings tab in Qwil, click +Add Earnings and enter the amount, contractor name and any optional notes about the payment. 

Once you've queued up payments, your contractors will receive an email notification that they can take the payment early for a small fee, or wait until an expected date to receive the earnings at no cost to them. Qwil advances the cash to your contractors so there is no impact on your cash flow.

2) After adding earnings for a contractor in Qwil, you will see this payment in Xero as a bill that is "Awaiting Payment."

3) Qwil will collect the aggregate amount of approved payments for a given period from your company at once. Pay your statement in Qwil and your Xero account will update to show all the invoices for the period as "Paid". Click the link below for additional detail on how to track your statements (invoices) in Qwil.

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