What is Auto-Advance?

As a freelancer, you can change your Auto-Advance setting at any time by logging in to Qwil at https://app.qwil.co/login. If you have enabled Auto-Advance, payments will be automatically sent to your linked account when approved by the company you work for. This means you will receive your earnings ahead of the end of your company's pay cycle. The regular cash advance fee will apply to these transactions.

How do I change my Auto-Advance setting in Qwil?

By default, Auto-Advance will be turned off when you first create an account with Qwil. You can turn Auto-Advance on or off at any time in the Qwil app. If the setting is highlighted in blue as shown in the screenshot below, Auto-Advance is ON.

You can also change Auto-Advance from your profile page under Settings in Qwil.

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