Does Qwil support international payments?

Yes! We support international payments to over 149 countries. 

What countries outside of the U.S. can I send payments to through Qwil?

The only countries that we cannot send payments to are the countries currently sanctioned by OFAC (Burma, Côte d'Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria). 

Are there additional fees charged to contractors when sending payments to international bank accounts?

Contractors can select to receive their funds in USD or their local currency. Qwil converts payments to the contractor's local currency before sending to avoid additional fees that would normally be charged by banks for international transfers. Your international contractors receive the spot rate plus a 2% markup (the banks mark up between 3 - 5%). This results in between 1 - 3% gross savings to your contractors (excluding the reduction in service fees). 

Does Qwil support international PayPal?

Qwil currently does not support international PayPal due to the high fees associated with these transactions. Linking a bank account to Qwil is the best way for your contractors to receive the maximum amount of their earnings. If contractors do not have an international bank account, they can contact for assistance. 

Does the location of my contractors impact when they will receive their payments?

Payments to international contractors may take longer to transmit based on the country. Please see the list below for expected delivery times for international wires (this reflects the expected number of business days for wire payments to land in contractors' accounts after the funds have settled from your company). Please note that the list below does not include all of the countries that we support. If you have a question about delivery time to a country that is not on the list below, please reach out to our support team at

Can contractors view the exchange rate within the Qwil app?

Contractors can see the exchange rate for every transaction by clicking the "Cash Advance" button in their Qwil dashboard. We are working on displaying the exchange rate in other parts of our app as well to make this even more transparent for our users!

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