What is an IBAN?
IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is used as a standard format across the UK, Europe and many other countries to streamline and standardize international payments.

How do I find my IBAN?
If you don't know your IBAN, you should be able to find it by logging on to Online Banking or mobile banking, selecting an account, and viewing the account details. It can also be found on your paper account statement.

Will there be an issue if the name on my Qwil account is different than the name linked to my bank account?
When you are linking your bank account to Qwil, you will see an Account Holder Name field. This is editable so please ensure that the name listed here matches the name on your bank account to avoid any potential payment delays. You can link a new account to Qwil from your Accounts tab to update this information if needed.

What should I do if I do not see my bank branch listed in the search results?
Please make sure you have entered the correct city and bank name. You can filter the branch results by searching by routing number (also known as national code or sort code in many countries) or branch address. As long as the national code is correct, you can update the address fields for your branch if needed. If your branch is not showing in the search results, please contact support@qwil.co and we’ll help you get setup! 

How do I select the currency for my international payments?
As shown in the second field in the screenshot below, you can select your currency when linking your international account. The currency will default to the currency of the country in which your account is located. You can change this at any point by linking a new account to Qwil from your Accounts tab and selecting a different currency from the dropdown list.

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