The Earnings view is the default view of the platform admin dashboard and is where you add approved amounts that will be paid to Contractors. 

This view lets you track pending payments approved for contractors, including the following information:

Creation date - date the payment was entered into Qwil
Payment date
- date the payment will be released from Qwil to the contractor (payment is expected to land 1-3 business days later depending on the contractor's bank and country)
Contractor - the contractor to be paid
Notes - optional notes that were entered with the payment (e.g. invoice number, project name, etc.)
Amount - payment amount entered
Status -
(payment completed to contractor at the end of the company's pay cycle once the amount due to Qwil settles)
(payment requested by delegate admin but not yet approved for processing)
(payment approved to be sent at the end of the pay cycle; this also includes the 3 business day settlement period for ACH payments after the payment is released from Qwil and may still be processing to the contractor's account)
Rejected (payment rejected by company administrator and will not be processed)

What does it mean if I "Add Earnings" for a Contractor?

Adding earnings for a Contractor is an approved payment that will be queued up for disbursement after collection by Qwil at the end of the Pay Cycle. Once entered, the Contractor will have the option to take the payment early in the form of a cash advance from Qwil. 

How do I add earnings for a Contractor individually?

A Platform Admin can add earnings for Contractors individually by clicking +Add Earnings. They will be prompted to enter the amount, contractor to be paid and any optional notes. 

How do I upload earnings for my contractors to Qwil in bulk?

A Platform Admin can bulk upload Earnings via CSV by clicking +Import Earnings at the top of the screen in the Earnings view. Download the CSV upload template, complete the simple required information, and upload the file back to Qwil. The only information required to upload payments using the csv template is the contractor's email, payment amount and any optional payment notes. 

What is the external ID that is required to upload earnings?
An external ID is simply a unique identifier that your company generates outside of our system for each payment uploaded to Qwil.  We strongly recommend adding a unique external ID when adding earnings to Qwil to prevent duplicate payments. To add this if you are using the csv import, simply add "external_id" as a column header in the template, with unique IDs for each row in your file. Please note that the same external ID cannot be used across payment files and uploads. Number, letters and special characters can be included in the external ID field.  

How does a contractor know when I add their earnings to Qwil?

Once Earnings are added the Contractor will receive an email that they have a payment that they can take early for a small fee. The Contractor is also notified of the estimated payment date for which no fee will be charged should he/she decide not to take a cash advance. 

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