How do I disconnect from Xero?
Simply click "Disconnect" below the "Sync Now" button on any tab of your Platform Admin dashboard to disconnect your Qwil account from Xero.

When and how does the sync occur?
You can click the "Sync Now" button to sync data in Qwil to Xero at any time, otherwise the sync will occur automatically every 24 hours.

Are there any setting related to synchronizing?
You can update your synchronization settings by clicking "Settings" in your Xero Integration summary in Qwil. You will then be able to update your default ledger account for invoicing and contact groups to sync to Qwil from Xero, as needed.

Why do I not see one of my Xero accounts in Qwil to sync for invoicing?
Please double check that the account you are trying to select for invoicing is enabled for payments by viewing the Account Details in your Chart of Accounts in Xero. The “Enable payments to this account” box on the bottom left of the screen must be checked in order to process invoices.

Where can I find additional support?
If you need help at any point you can reach out to our general support inbox at You can also click the circular icon in the bottom right of your Qwil Platform Admin Dashboard to chat with our support team directly in the app. Our support team typically responds to any inquiry within a few hours and will resolve most issues within 24 hours.

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