Does Qwil support different permission levels for company admins?

Yes, there are two different permission levels that can be setup for company administrators within Qwil. These are called "Delegates" and "Approvers." By default, all company admins are setup as "Approvers" within Qwil meaning they have full permission to add contractors and earnings to the platform. 

What is the difference between a "Delegate" and an "Approver"?

A "Delegate" can add contractors to Qwil, however, any earnings added will be held as Requested until confirmed by the "Approver" admin. The "Approver" admin has the highest level of permissions within Qwil. These individuals can add contractors and earnings to Qwil (any earnings that are uploaded will be automatically approved to be sent to contractors). 

The "Approver" must also review earnings entered by the "Delegate" to either Approve or Reject the payment.  Below is an example of what the Approver admin would see in Qwil for payments that have been requested by the Delegate. These requested earnings would not be processed to contractors until accepted by the Approver.

How can I setup additional admins as a "Delegate" or "Approver" for my company?

Simply reach out to our support team via the chat icon on the bottom right of your Qwil dashboard, or email us directly at Please provide the first and last name as well as email address for the new admin and we'll get them setup!

What do the different statuses of earnings mean in Qwil (Requested, Approved, Rejected)?

Requested: Earnings were added by the "Delegate" admin to Qwil but are still pending approval from the "Approver" admin. The contractor has not been notified that he/she was new earnings from your company through Qwil at this point.

Earnings were approved by the "Approver" admin and will be sent to the contractor at the end of the pay cycle. Contractors will receive an email notification when their earnings are approved and will be able to see the funds in their Qwil app.  Please note, earnings that have been approved are generally not editable. Please reach out to right away if you need Qwil to look into canceling a payment that has already been approved.

Rejected: Earnings were added by the "Delegate" but were then rejected by either the "Delegate" or "Approver" admin. Payments that are rejected will never be sent to contractors. 

Can I sort by the status of the earnings uploaded to Qwil?

Yes, from your Earnings tab, you can filter by status to see which payments have been Requested, Approved or Rejected. Simply click "Select Status" in the upper right of your Earnings tab. Below is an example of the Earnings tab filtered by the Requested status.

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